Who are we?

Tumania is an internationally accredited recruitment agency by the tunisian ministry of vocational training and employment under number 57/2023. That deploys its expertise to offer job seekers and recruiters exactly what they are looking for. Thanks to our high ethical standards, our agency has gained a glorious reputation generated by the candidates’ satisfaction, whom we helped chase their dreams and successfully achieve them. Besides, our reliable recruiting services led Tumania to be trusted by several German and international  companies and organizations..

Our Services

Job Opportunities in Germany

Our experts at Tumania believe in an unshakeable principle: “Everyone deserves full support to succeed in turning their dreams into a reality.”. And for this reason, our staff makes tremendous efforts to offer candidates work opportunities in Germany that match their dreams.

Our international recruiting agency aims to help out as many candidates as possible. Therefore, our employment opportunities include diverse fields such as paramedical, engineering, artisan jobs and creative jobs. We do our best to uplift candidates’ careers through boosting their chances to work in the best organizations in Germany and in the world.

Recruitment Partnership

We understand that spotting highly skilled employees can be time consuming and costly, and this is why we are committed to assisting companies. Our professional consultants guide employers to reach their ambitions of building a motivating and collaborative workplace centered around the great engagement of the employees.

Accordingly, our platform contains high-quality profiles of experienced and professional candidates that perfectly meet the job requirements. We facilitate detecting the best talents and the most fit profile for the position you are offering.

Our process for visa application

Our recruiting agency plays an effective key role in being middlemen between jobseekers and employers. We do our best to ensure a smooth process to recruiters and job seekers, making sure to facilitate and speed up the required procedures, including the visa procedure. We offer job seekers step-to-step assistance to prepare their visa application that will, undoubtedly, get accepted. Also, our team makes sure that their visa application to Germany gets delivered as quickly as possible.

Welcoming and Guidance

We accompany our candidates to facilitate their integration and settlement in Germany and to help them adapt quickly to the new environment. Our representatives are dedicated to ease up discovering the new town and are always one call away from the candidates to help them out no matter what their needs are.

Our Values

Certainly, Tumania guarantees the confidentiality, security and the satisfaction of recruiters and candidates.

Increasing our candidates’ profitability by designing effective solutions and establishing a fair operating model for job seekers.

Our experts rely on strict requirements and a well-optimized recruitment management system, giving employers a better reach of the fittest candidates.

Our expetise include

  • Recruiting nurses and paramedical staff in Germany
  • Providing candidates with the support and the guidance they need
  • Connecting employers with talented candidates in different areas of fields
  • Using of modern approaches of interviewing and selecting candidates
  • Ensuring a top-rate recruitment services
  • Being there for our candidates through the whole process of their placement in Germany
  • Showing up for our candidates with effective solutions when challenges arise