Find your dream job in Germany

With Tumania’s services, boost your chances of building a successful professional career in Germany

We bring you the best job opportunities in a variety of fields: Nursing, Paramedical, Engineering and More

How can Tumania help you?

Our agency supports determined people who want to pursue a professional career in Germany. Therefore, our staff will be by your side during your whole journey of achieving your dream.

  • Our expert consultants will offer you the guidance and assistance you deserve and need.
  • Our competent consultants will help you get perfectly prepared for interviews: The job interview and the visa interview.
  • Our representatives in Germany will ensure the best conditions for your immigration and settlement.

Requirements for Job Seekers

To be a good fit for a job and to enhance your chances to start your professional career in Germany, you should meet two academic qualifications:


Our Services



Scanning and checking your profile and your qualifications to determine the most suitable job for you as well as to match you with employers in Germany.



Organizing one-on-one & group coaching sessions to prepare our candidates for the job interviews in order to ensure their brilliant performance.


Interview & Housing Arrangement

Taking care of all the details linked to the interview
Making sure of booking you a cozy and secure accommodation


File Preparation

Managing the application and the settlement proceedures
Preparing supporting documents of the Visa.


Welcoming and Guidance

We accompany foreign workers to facilitate their integration and settlement in Germany and to help them adapt quickly to the new environment.

The Process of your professional placement to Germany

1- Request a participation in our seminar by contacting us on our Booking platform or by calling us

2- Wait for your request of attending seminars to get confirmed

3- Preparing your file (Attending seminars, 1st instalment payment, Translating and legalizing the original copies of the required documents, Fixing Visa Application interview)

4- Sending/receiving deficit bescheid/high school diploma

5- Bringing the ALTE certification (obligatory)

6- Attending coaching sessions to prepare for the job interview

7- Passing the job interview

8- Contract signing

9- Preparing for Visa interview

10- Submitting your file