Magnify Your Human Capital

At Tumania, we understand that the success and the sustainability of your business is based on the value of your human capital and the contribution they bring.

We offer you our services to help you build your dream team of professionals through ensuring you match with the top-skilled experts in different fields, particularly in the medical field.

Our Services

Tumania is known for its global network that has been established by its competent representatives and expert consultants placed in every associated country. All the agents of our affiliated agencies share an ultimate and common goal that revolves around offering our partners in Germany the best professional profiles to reinforce their recruiting investments’ effectiveness.

The professionalism of our team matching ensures the satisfaction of your needs. Our competent staff is always at your disposal to accompany you during all the steps of the hiring process, from the sourcing, going through the selection, until the candidates’ transfer and integration.

Our Process


HR Analysis and Audit

Analyzing your needs and validating the feasibility of recruiting foreign workers for your company.


Search and CV/Resume Evaluation

Detecting the best candidates for the job position you’re offering and ensuring that they are the perfect fit for your company and its work environment.


Recruitment Process

From the Skype interview to the reference check, to the investigation of the accuracy of the information provided, we make sure that the selected candidates are what your company is looking for.


Guidance for our candidates

The comfort and security of our candidates are our number one priority at Tumania. Our team in Germany provides all candidates with the support and guidance they need by taking care of them, from the moment they land in Germany. Our representatives welcome candidates at the airport, ensuring their safe pickup and transfer to their residence. Our support doesn’t end there, it extends to helping every candidate opening their personal bank account, getting their residence certificate and applying for Health Insurance. Besides, we provide all candidates with the necessities they require during their first weeks of settlement in Germany, such as SIM card, groceries. Moreover, we are dedicated to helping our candidates learn the important German laws, regulations and culture.