Physiotherapy career in Germany: Diploma’s equivalency

We offer the same warming welcome and reliable assistance to our candidates during and post their arrival to Germany. On friday, 24th June, 2022, Tumania’s representative turned up to the airport to welcome our 2 physiotherapy candidates. The first step in our support procedure was to ensure that our candidates get everything they need for a cozy and comfy settlement in Germany.

Then, we moved to the second step which involved providing our candidates with the support they needed to get the eligibility to work in Germany. Currently, our 2 physiotherapy candidates who hold a good professional experience are working in their field of expertise in a physiotherapy clinic, as interns. At the same time, they are preparing to obtain an equivalency for their diploma and qualifications through a 3-month program in an excellent school that is specialized in physiotherapy. Tunmania is consistently following up the progress of the candidates and is providing them with all the guidance they need during this journey.